Putting Valorisation into Practice at the Doctoral Knowledge Community

Delphine Vidal-11
Delphine Vidal, Knowledge Community manager, GEM Doctoral School

This month on the Doctoral Knowledge blog Delphine Vidal, Knowledge Community manager, writes about our strategy for supporting the valorisation of the intellectual output of our global community of doctoral students, alumni and supervisors. As the new academic year starts it is time to think about how the institution can support members of the community and what individual members can do themselves.

An Integrated and Coherent Strategy

As part of our vision of the role of doctoral-level studies in a top business school we have underlined that our contribution to larger business school mission must be to contribute to the international visibility and research culture of Grenoble Ecole de Management. An important goal of the Doctoral School is to leverage the knowledge produced by our community. These goals have now been aligned with the strategy of the business school as part of our own mission and vision.

One way to achieve this goal is tglobe-109274_640o be dedicated to the promotion of high standards of research and intellectual contributions from the Doctoral Knowledge Community and to valorise the impact of the research stemming from doctoral studies. We have developed a number of projects and related indicators to measure how we are performing in relation to our strategic goals. A recent ISO audit has pushed us further towards a closer monitoring of how we are doing.

Community Management

Since April 2013, our monthly newsletters have been a focused communication channel for us to share the research news of the community. We are proud and happy to have so many good publications and research activities to announce each month. This relies on regular communication from community members about their research results and the development of a culture among dispersed students and alumni that values these contributions in the name of the business school.

To improve further the visibility of a Knowledge Community and its contributions it is important to provide the means to communicate and log research output. This year we have led a large project with the objective of improving the collection of publications using a more efficient web-based database and then to enhance external visibility of the Doctoral Knowledge Community via a dedicated website. We will launch the site in the next month.

Integrating Communities with new Technologies

An important element of the community project has been to integrate the doctoral students and alumni into the same activities database the business school uses for its permanent faculty. The system collects and organises information about faculty research and other activities for visibility and accreditation purposes. This system will be open to GEM doctoral students and alumni from October 2015. This provides a neat interface for community members and helps with the production of in-house indicators.

Annetworkingother key element is the creation of a new research-focused website alongside the institutional website of Grenoble Ecole de Management. In the future details of the knowledge community of doctoral students, alumni and supervisors will be visible to a wider group of stakeholders. Visitors to the site will find information concerning research activities including biography, research interests, supervision, journals, conference papers, books and other publications.

This site was only possible thanks to the development and implementation of a number of new tools by the business school’s support teams and to the adaptation of these tools to the needs of the knowledge Community.

Promoting Individual Actions

In order to complete the activities database, the School relies on the support of community members since they will be responsible for completing their profile and publications and updating with any new contributions. We hope a strong culture of valorisation will ensure the success of this project that aims to strengthen the knowledge community and the development of the doctoral studies impact for the Business School.


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