Ouch that hurts! Using the “force”of rejection.

imagesIt’s one of the tougher parts of academic life, those rejections we receive from journals. Let’s face it, it is a tough part of life in general … not making the team, not getting a place on that program, an invite to a party or getting dumped by ‘that’ girl/boy. What is it that really hurts? Somebody does not want us or our work. It comes to everyone in academic life – star professors, junior faculty, experienced researchers and doctoral students. Just like it comes to authors and actors . What differentiates us is how we deal with it and how we use the experience.

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Time to think about next Summer’s Conference… already?



Mark Smith, Director of the Doctoral School

December is the month when we think of winding down, planning a break and some time to rest a little after that busy first semester. Whether you have just joined a doctoral program or are deep into the final years of your own research, the period between September and Christmas is at best hectic. However, before you tune out too far Mark Smith, director of the Doctoral School, points out that you should not forget the important round of January conference deadlines for your Summer 2016.


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Putting Valorisation into Practice at the Doctoral Knowledge Community

Delphine Vidal-11
Delphine Vidal, Knowledge Community manager, GEM Doctoral School

This month on the Doctoral Knowledge blog Delphine Vidal, Knowledge Community manager, writes about our strategy for supporting the valorisation of the intellectual output of our global community of doctoral students, alumni and supervisors. As the new academic year starts it is time to think about how the institution can support members of the community and what individual members can do themselves.

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